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Graffiti artist Sergio Odeith creates mind-blowing 3D illusions

This street art looks like floating 3D sculptures but in truth it’s an optical illusion. This two-dimensional graffiti, created by Portugal-based artist Sergio Odeith, uses clever perspective and shading techniques to create sanamorphic masterpieces. “I’m doing something original,” Odeith unabashedly tells Metro.

How do you create this type of graffiti?

It takes me a lot of time to get to this level of perfection. In the beginning, my pieces weren’t so complex and perfect like now. For anamorphic pieces, first you create an angle and all the lines and shadows are based from that angle. It’s all about the lights and the shadows in order to make it 100 percent perfect.

What was the inspiration behind your anamorphic artworks?

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I don’t know if ‘inspiration’ is the correct expression because I am doing something really original so it’s difficult to become inspired in something that you don’t see in any other place.

Which settings do you prefer to paint in?

My favorite places are abandoned factories because there are plenty of corners and sometimes you can find really crazy places where you can create something really original that no one has ever seen before.​

What reaction do you expect from your audience?

It’s great when you feel like you’re creating something that causes a buzz, comments and interviews. Some remarks are quite funny so I’m always trying to reach the next level and make people fall in love with what I do.​

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