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Grant to provide housing units for homeless

The City of Calgary’s 10-year plan to end homelessness got a boost of funding Tuesday as a $5.96-million grant was given to the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

The grant will add 90 permanent units throughout the city, focusing on providing homes for singles and couples.

“We have to look beyond the crisis response and invest in the permanent solution,” said Tim Richter, CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation. “Ultimately, the solution to homelessness is housing.”

Richter said that with layoffs continuing to happen, he expects the homeless problem in Calgary to get worse before it gets better.

The grant, provided through block funding from the province, will go towards purchasing and renovating existing buildings to create affordable housing.

Each building will have mixed rents from near market to deep subsidies.

“It’s important to provide a hand up for those who are in need to get them back on their feet and back into our community as a contributing member of Calgary’s society,” said Mayor Dave Bronconnier.

The first buildings should be seen by the end of summer.

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