Great beers at Rockbottom Brewery, shame about the menu - Metro US

Great beers at Rockbottom Brewery, shame about the menu

Rockbottom Brewery
5686 Spring Garden Rd.

Signature Drink: Specialty Beers
Signature Dish: Provencal Mussels

Rating: **
Dinner and drinks for two: $60

Rockbottom Brewery has an excellent brew selection and a fun atmosphere, but its menu comes third.

Although our server recommended the Provencal Mussels, we were in the mood for the Spicy Sausage Dip ($10) appetizer.

It’s rich and has nice zip, but comes served with overly-toasted whole grain pita wedges. The Caesar Salad (small $5) was fresh, but the dressing needed more garlic.

Salmon and Rice Croquettes ($14), made with carrots, onions and mushroom cream sauce, were satisfying, but a bit bland. The accompanying roasted potatoes were dry and only edible after being drowned in catsup.

Kung Pao Chicken ($15) should be run out of town. The Asian noodles were undercooked — quite a feat considering they only take a few minutes.They were also stuck together and inedible despite the veggies, peanuts and chunks of chicken. We returned it and order the Seafood Chowder ($8), which had tasty tiny scallops and shrimp but an overly thickened cream sauce.

The generous serving of Warm Gingerbread ($6) was delicious. That and our totally delightful server were the saving graces for this ho-hum meal.

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