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Great Big Sea front man loves brother-in-law’s cooking

Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle

Lead Singer Alan Doyle of the St. John’s -based band, Great Big Sea, their performance DVD and companion CD Courage & Patience & Grit: Great Big Sea in Concert is on store shelves, this award-winning band is known for their high-energy concerts.

Q: What is your fondest memory from your family kitchen?

A: All the parties in our house happened in the kitchen. For that matter everything but sleeping happened in our kitchen.

At times, due to weather or lack of money our heating oil tank would run dry. Not to be dismayed, my parents would put a blanket up to the kitchen door, turn on our electric oven and open the oven door.

They’d call in the neighbours and have a kitchen card game which eventually led to a few songs.

Q: What kitchen aromas bring back fond memories?

A: Nothing brings me back home like the smell of my mom’s bread fresh from the oven.

Q: Who is your favourite cook?

A: My brother-in-law Todd is my favourite chef.

He studied culinary arts in P.E.I and apprenticed in some of the larger hotels in Switzerland and worked in many famous restaurants.

He has such a worldly knowledge of food and applies these worldly principles.


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