Green Line train derails, passengers stuck underground - Metro US

Green Line train derails, passengers stuck underground

For the second time in a week, an MBTA train got stuck underground, forcing riders to evacuate through the tunnels to safety.

On Saturday, around 6 p.m., a Green line train traveling outbound towards Kenmore Station got lodged underground after it derailed, according to an MBTA spokesperson.

The trolley derailment happened between Hynes Station and Kenmore Station.

The MBTA called it a “minor” derailment, but all passengers had to be evacuated through Kenmore Station.

Bus shuttle will service was provided for passengers, who sent angry tweets and took pictures as they fled through the underground passageway.

It took the MBTA two hours to address the derailment.

Last week, two Red Line cars got caught beneath the surface for nearly three hours, with more than 400 passengers trapped inside, when both trains stalled out in Porter Square.

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