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Green speaker urges Ottawans to take on more eco-friendly habits

When it comes to going green, most people will do the basics, said Ottawa resident David Chernushenko.

They’ll recycle their paper and plastics, use energy-efficient bulbs, and use the green bins that the city introduced earlier this year.

“We all love to talk a green story, but most of us have really only begun to dabble in what is truly possible,” said Chernushenko. “Most will do the really easy stuff, which is great, but it’s not great if they’re using it as an excuse not to go any further.”

The Ottawa-based green economy educator and living lightly promoter is a featured speaker at this weekend’s Ottawa Go Green Expo at Lansdowne Park, where he will tell people how they can get more involved.

“What’s keeping people from going so much further is one, the perception that it’s going to be so much sacrifice and two, what’s the point of doing it if someone else is doing it?” he said.
“We have to get people to shift together and see that this is an exciting form of progress.”

Chernushenko will also offer a sneak preview of his film, Powerful: Energy for Everyone, which will be completed this spring.

“What I discovered in making the film is that we have the possibility of living very well, consuming far less energy and generating most, if not all of it, with renewable forms of energy. The film shows that people like you and me in communities just like ours are already taking big strides,” he said.

The expo features hundreds of exhibitors, home and garden ideas, eco-friendly food and clothing and transportation options dedicated to helping people live green.

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