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Greener pastures

Green drivers have several new vehicle options in today’s market, many of which can be seen at the 2009 Edmonton Motor Show.

Visitors to the Northlands Agricom got the opportunity to view the latest green automobile, the fully electric Mitsubishi MiEV. The zero-emissions vehicle can seat four passengers and travels at a maximum speed of 130 kilometres per hour.

It’s already in production in other countries such as Japan and slated for release in Canada in 2010 or 2011. Since the car does not have a gas or hybrid engine, it is classified as a golf cart and is illegal to drive in Alberta.

“The only thing stopping us from getting this on the road are the regulations set in place by the provinces and federal government,” said Chris Hoffman, sales manager of Northside Mitsubishi.

Using the on-board charger, the vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries can be charged from an ordinary 100V or 200V outlet in the home. Hoffman also said the batteries are charged by the braking system, which recycles energy from the wheels.

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