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Gyms ready for new year’s resolution rush

With Calgary gyms preparing for the inevitable onslaught of new year’s resolution memberships, some regular customers are dreading the overflow of bodybuilders.

Franklin Gold’s Gym sales associate Mario Juarez said the next two weeks will be busy with new members joining as a result of promising resolutions, but says most don’t last the whole year.

“Sometimes they will last up to about three months and then die down, but the ones who buy the memberships for themselves and work with trainers usually last,” he said.

Juarez said many new members join just after Christmas because they feel guilty for enjoying all the holiday’s little pleasures.

“They maybe eat and drink too much and feel the need to work it off and get back into shape.

It’s funny because Mondays are our busiest days for the same reason, while Fridays are the least busy,” he added.

But the oncoming abundance of new members concerns regulars like Natasha Humeston and her workout partner who have been using the gym for years.

“Starting now the next two weeks around here get crazy, and it’s so busy. It’s kind of annoying because it’s hard to get on the machines,” she said.

“But then, it’s okay after January because a lot of the people don’t stick with it and I am okay with that.”

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