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Hannah Hart’s guide to Drinko de Mayo


Quick pop quiz: Cinco de Mayo is …

a. A holiday that actually stems from the Mexican army’s 1862 win in the Battle of Puebla

b. A day celebrated in Mexico to a far lesser extent than it is in the U.S.

c. Unhelpfully, falling this year on a weekday

d. A day beloved by fans of guacamole and tequila everywhere

Answer, all of the above! Though Cinco de Mayo is a relatively minor holiday south of the border (and though it’s a Tuesday), I plan to celebrate along with the rest of you all in the U. S. of A. with tasty foods and margaritas. And, as author of “My Drunk Kitchen – A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going With Your Gut,” I feel it’s only right that I share with you my three-step plan to a perfect celebration. (Did you enjoy that shameless self-promotion? Good – because I did too.)

Step one: Ready the carbs

I encourage you to have a hearty meal of carbs and cheese handy to start the evening in the form of a quesadilla. If you don’t know how to make a quesadilla, it’s essentially a symphony of shredded cheese melted between two fried tortillas. Optional sour cream and salsa; optional additions of chicken.

Step two: Freeze a watermelon

I like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by making a watermelon margarita. First, buy a watermelon and cut it into chunks. Freeze overnight. The next day, use these chunks as the base of your drink. Add tequila and as much lime juice as you fancy. Do the same with the sugar. This ranges widely depending on taste.

Step three: The morning after

Any properly organized Cinco de Mayo plan will also look ahead. After a watermelon margarita (or four), your body will quite naturally be craving grease. And probably eggs. Fortunately there is a perfect hangover cure dish: migas! Effectively a Mexican version of scrambled eggs, your basic migas include: corn tortillas, jalapeno, plum tomatoes, green pepper, red bell pepper, medium onion, eggs (obviously), cotija cheese, cilantro and whatever you use to keep your eggs from burning (butter, oil, etc.). Throw all of those ingredients (with the appropriate slicing and dicing) onto a skillet, cook, and enjoy!

Hannah Hart is a comedian, Internet personality and reckless optimist. Hart, star and creator of My Drunk Kitchen” on YouTube (new episodes every Thursday!), shares her tips for a perfect Cinco de Mayo.

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