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Hard partying can come at a cost

For many, the midway, rodeo and grandstand are enough — but for others, 10 days at the Stampede is a time to party hard.

But, there’s often a painful price to pay.

Metro trekked around to watering holes on the Stampede grounds to find out how some Stampede-goers remedy the effects of consumption the night before.

Nashville North dwellers Pete Schulli and Andrew Beattie, both 21, agree that their hangover cures consist of more drinking.

“Keep drinking and drink more. This is my second week of hangovers, so I just think another week of Stampede will help,” Schulli said.

“Caesars and pancakes help,” Beattie added. “It’s a deadly combination. I think I will try that tomorrow.”

For the Johnsons though, sleep and laziness is their cure for the previous evening’s debauchery.

“Sleep and do nothing. When I was younger I would get up and go for a run, but I’m getting too old for that now,” said Ryan Johnston, tipping his glass back for another sip.

His wife said she just prefers not to drink too much the night before.

“I never did like the next morning much and I never wanted to chase it with more drinks,” she said.

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