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Harvard Republican Club ‘ashamed’ of Trump, refuses to endorse him


Calling his views “antithetical to our values not only as Republicans, but as Americans,” the Harvard Republican Club declined to endorse Donald Trump for president, the first time the group declined to endorse the party nominee in its 128 years.

The group is the oldest College Republicans chapter in the nation, first founded in 1888.

The students posted a statement on Facebook Thursday laying out their reasons for declining to endorse the New York billionaire.

“The rhetoric he espouses — from racist slander to misogynistic taunts—is not consistent with our conservative principles, and his repeated mocking of the disabled and belittling of the sacrifices made by prisoners of war, Gold Star families, and Purple Heart recipients is not only bad politics, but absurdly cruel,” the students wrote.

“Trump simply does not possess the temperament and character necessary to lead the United States through an increasingly perilous world,” the open letter continues. “The last week should have made obvious to all what has been obvious to most for more than a year. In response to any slight—perceived or real —Donald Trump lashes out viciously and irresponsibly. In Trump’s eyes, disagreement with his actions or his policies warrants incessant name calling and derision: stupid, lying, fat, ugly, weak, failing, idiot—and that’s just his “fellow” Republicans. He isn’t eschewing political correctness. He is eschewing basic human decency.”

“Donald Trump is a threat to the survival of the Republic. His authoritarian tendencies and flirtations with fascism are unparalleled in the history of our democracy. He hopes to divide us by race, by class, and by religion, instilling enough fear and anxiety to propel himself to the White House. He is looking to to pit neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, American against American. We will not stand for this vitriolic rhetoric that is poisoning our country and our children.

“[Former President Ronald Reagan] would be ashamed of Donald Trump,” the letter said. “We are too.”

While one can perhaps imagine the kind of dismissive comment about “Harvard Republicans” this may -— or may not—elicit from the big man himself, the letter was published during an unprecedented period of crisis for the campaign, which saw not only drops in polling numbers but one of its most disastrous press cycles in months.

You can read the full post from the Harvard University College Republicans below:

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