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Have a type? Dating service will hook you up

three day rule dating Have a type? Katy Perry does.
Credit: Three Day Rule

“I do not have a ‘type’!” Yes you do. In fact, we all do when it comes to a potential partner. Matchmaking service Three Day Rule, which has recently partnered with dating website Match.com, uses facial recognition technology to pair clients with people who share similar looks with their ex.

Following an initial face structure match, the Los Angeles-based company compares the compatibility of would-be matches in terms of interests, personality and goals. However, the bespoke concierge doesn’t come cheap: the premium service costs $5,000 for a six-month period. But you can’t put a price on love, right? Three Day Rule’s CEO Talia Goldstein tells Metro about the dos and don’ts of dating.

Isn’t matching someone to a person who looks like their ex an unpleasant reminder?

[Chuckles] I’ve been matchmaking for many years and people definitely have a “type.” I always ask my clients to send me photos of their exes and often they have a similar facial structure, even if they’re not the same ethnicity, skin color or body type. It’s funny because every client says I don’t have a “type” and then I get the photos and to me, they look the same. So I started to match people based on their exes, which is a start but not the full picture.

It sounds quite CSI. How do you trawl through all of the potential matches?

On our site’s backend, matchmakers [Three Day Rule staff] can upload a photo of a client and see everyone that they facially might be attracted to.

There’s also a personality test. What do you delve into?

We meet everybody in person and we ask about everything from their childhood and dating history to their future ambitions. Then we go back to the system and interview all of the matches.

Men are notoriously poor at picking a place for a first date, so what’s your advice?

Well we advise clients to go for one 45-minute date for just one drink but no dinner.

Why is dinner a big no-no?

If you meet someone and it’s not right and you’re just on your appetizer, the evening has got a long way to go. We also advise against bright places like coffee shops because girls can find the lighting and ambiance jarring. You want somewhere sort of sexy and one drink leaves an element of mystery …

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