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Haven’t met a normal ‘Family’ yet

Although they were denied a permit to build a temporary mansion in the Boston Common, the Addams Family is bringing its hit musical to Boston. At the center of the adventure is that little Wednesday has grown up and scandalously fallen in love with a “normal” young man. Metro spoke with Uncle Fester about his famous family.

The Addams Family has to be a difficult family to marry into. You’re sort of like a big extended Italian family.

Well, you know, people think we’re crazy. But we’re not, really. We’re a little different. We’re a little off-center. But [Wednesday’s boyfriend] Lucas and his family are coming over for dinner. … And they say they are normal, but I’m pretty sure they are not. I haven’t met a normal family yet in my history. Have you?

I understand that you are able to generate electricity. Do you consider this a gift or is this some kind of birth defect?

Well, I don’t think I’m defective! I like to choose it as a gift. I use it just for fun, and I don’t hurt anybody with it. But I have to tell you, the older that I’ve gotten, the more magical I’ve become!

Your favorite music has moved beyond the iconic theme song of the 1960s. It isn’t particularly spooky or even altogether ooky.

We’ve decided that music is a great way to get our points across. And I have to tell you, we all have our own style. I like the Vaudeville. Morticia and Gomez? They like the tango beat. And Wednesday, she’s a young lady of course, so she likes to sing pop.

I’ve heard about this other family that was moving in on your territory, the Munsters.

Oh good lord. I don’t really know the Munsters personally. But you know, I think there’s room for all of us in the world. I’ll just say that, first of all. But anybody who keeps a dragon? I’m a fan of that.

Gomez and Morticia have always been at the center of the Addams Family. They have a very strong relationship, don’t they?

Absolutely. They’ve been in love for many, many years. Part of the problem that’s going on right now is that Morticia in is denial about Wednesday being old enough to get married in the first place. Wednesday has talked to Gomez about keeping some secrets, and that does not sit well with Morticia at all.

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