Heat wave set to hit Boston this week - Metro US

Heat wave set to hit Boston this week

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Bostonians, get ready to be boiled like a lobster, and maybe even battered by thunderstorms.

The National Weather Service predicts a wide array of weather, ranging from 90 degree saunas to pockets of thunderstorms rolling in.

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Heat waves kill more people annually than any other extreme weather event — that includes wicked big blizzards. The city advises that vulnerable people seek air conditioning and that folks call 911 at the first sign of heat stroke.

Skies will be sunny and clear, and the hot weather is expected to continue after the advisory ends, with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s continuing through the weekend.

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Stay hydrated, check on your neighbors and exercise a bit of patience for your fellow T rider, because we are all in this together.

Keep an eye on your pets, who are probably as miserable about the situation as you are. Do not leave them in cars. Make sure they have an extra water dish or two. If you don’t mind the electricity bill, leave a fan going for them.

Also, remember that just six months ago, we were buried alive in an impossible amount of snow and that complaining about the heat releases more hot air into the atmosphere. Don’t contribute to the boiling heat.

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