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Helen Mirren remembers that time she was accused of ‘sluttish eroticism’

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Who knew Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren was so fearless?

The 70-year-old star shared the time she was introduced as an example of “sluttish eroticism” on Michael Parkinson’s show during her younger years. “It was one of the very first interviews I ever did,” she told AOL’s Makers series for MarieClaire.com. “I’m talking quite seriously about acting, but [Parkinson]had just decided to throw that mantle on me, I guess, and never actually listened to what I was actually saying. That was completely irrelevant.”

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But Mirren believes times have changed, “Any woman now is actually a feminist,” she explained,”They don’t realize it because they’re living in a world feminism has, to a certain extent, created for them.Which is very exciting, because it’s entitled. That’s what I love about them. They’re entitled.”

What a time to be alive.

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