Help us troll ISIS this Friday: Anonymous – Metro US

Help us troll ISIS this Friday: Anonymous

Help us troll ISIS this Friday: Anonymous

Hacktivist group Anonymous is organizing a day of online trolling against ISIS this coming Friday.

The hacker collective wants to shock ISIS members with a day of dead jihadists’ pictures posted on social media, the New York Daily News reported. Anonymous also invited supporters to mingle in person in nine cities including New York and Paris and to fill Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook with the hashtags “#Daesh and #Daeshbags,” a play on the Islamic State’s hated “Daesh” moniker.

“We ask you to show your support and help against ISIS by joining us and trolling them,” an Anonymous member was quoted by the Daily News. “Do not think you have to be apart of Anonymous — anyone can do this.”

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Anonymous has also asked social media users to find the online accounts of ISIS wives and taunt them with photos of goats, a suggestion that has already produced a number of provocative Twitter images incorporating goats, the Daily News added.

After the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, Anonymous declared war on ISIS, announcing the start of massive cyberattacks against the terror group, NBC stated in a related report.

“They [ISIS] thrive off of fear,” an Anonymous statement was quoted by the Daily News. “But what many forget, and even they do, is that there are many more people in the world against them than for them. And that is the goal of this mass uprising.”

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The in-person rallies are scheduled at parks and landmarks in North America and Europe, including New York’s Central Park, the Daily News reported, adding that a rally there will begin at 4 p.m.

Anonymous recently rose to notoriety after it conducted cyberattacks against individuals, governments and organizations, including PayPal, MasterCard and the Church of Scientology, that it did not approve it, NBC added.