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Helping men transform themselves

“Men fascinate me,” admits Leah Morrigan, founder of Transform Yourself, a place for many males in desperate aesthetic times.

“I spend a good amount of time researching them from angles of sociology, neurology and anthropology (to) understand their condition and more accurately communicate with them.”

A wonderful anomaly in the world of personal makeover organizations, Transform Yourself is dedicated solely to assisting men with looks, behaviour, communication and presentation. It offers advice that has helped many men attain desired personal and professional goals.

“(Transform Yourself) is for men who want to see themselves from a different perspective,” Morrigan adds. “I help raise their confidence; bring out their handsomeness and see sides of themselves they haven’t seen or considered before, opening up all sorts of possibilities in their lives.”

Discussing Transform Yourself’s origins, Morrigan reveals a deep history in fascination with men’s clothing. From working in a menswear department (ingesting practical information and tips on styles, fabrics, accessories and sizing) to enrolling in Ryerson’s Fashion program, she admits to developing “a unique ability to see into a person’s character and portray it through clothing.”

Still, while studying at Ryerson, Morrigan concedes to feeling overcome with wanting, “something more; something deeper, individual and psychological.” Stumbling across image consulting online, she immediately quit Ryerson, re-enlisted with George Brown and began focusing on the idea that eventually became Transform Yourself, bolstering her entrepreneurial spirit via independent venture courses.

Administering that knowledge, Transform Yourself works with both visual and hands-on examples to apply five basic steps to developing clients: Character Analysis (personal/professional aspirations), Colour Analysis (personal colour palettes), Body And Wardrobe Analysis (sizing/appropriate wear), Shopping (picking a new wardrobe) and Follow-Up (ensuring comfort in your new look).

“Image is about the impression we make on the world and it comes in three forms: How we look, the choices we make in our behaviour and the way we communicate via speech, text and body language,” Morrigan notes, revealing her biggest tips for men looking to revise their aesthetics:

• Be honest about your body type and dress in clothing that fits properly.
• Become aware of your posture and stand tall — people will notice and you will notice a change in yourself.
• Suit/sports jackets are the most flattering piece for a man. It squares and exaggerates his shoulders, which, as the broadest line on a man’s body, are powerful.
• Try a pre-shave exfoliator. It adds polish to the skin.
• Wear socks to match your trousers, not your shoes.

What definitely NOT?to do

• “People (assess) others in seconds and treat them accordingly. When we (maintain) a good work image, it impacts how we feel about ourselves, how others interact with us and can reflect the quality of our work,” says Morrigan pointing out five crucial career practices — or killers if not applied — in assuring a solid work image.

• Clean, neat, well-fitting, and modern clothing
• Clean hands and teeth
• Good posture
• Politeness
• A firm handshake
• “If we’re not doing ourselves justice/making the most of who we are, this can affect how others interact with us and what we achieve in life,” she concludes.

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