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Henry Cavill: New Superman ditches curl, gains sparkly logo

Buff, beautiful and British… Henry Cavill looks dashing as Superman. Warner Bros tweeted an image Friday of the actor portraying the legendary superhero for Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie “Man of Steel.”

The mid-action photo, taken in the middle of saving the world, most likely, portrays a very debonair Cavill, who has obviously been working out.

He’s outfitted in a modern version of the iconic Superman get-up. The logo on his chest is much larger than that of Supermen past. Maybe it’s just the way the sparks are lighting up the photo, but is that.. glitter on his “S?”

It’s also unclear if this new Superman will still sport the hero’s classic tightie-reddies. Cavill is bent over, modestly casting a shadow over his nether regions.

One thing is missing from Cavill’s look: Superman’s classic curl. Instead, his hair is slicked back in a way, may we say, that really brings out his chiseled cheekbones. Apparently even superheros keep up with hair trends.

The full-size image below:

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