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Here’s how to get a free pint of Haagen-Dazs ice cream this weekend

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Remember when Postmates offered free delivery on unicorn milkshakes, and you thought, wow that’s a delicious deal? Well, the food delivery service is stepping up its game this weekend. We’re not just talking about free delivery this time — although they have a deal going for that, too — we’re talking free ice cream. A whole pint of it.

It’s a brilliant Memorial Day move on the part of Postmates. This long weekend ushers in summer, and that means people will have ice cream on their minds. But also, let’s be real for a second, there’s never a wrong time for free ice cream. Yes, even the middle of a snowstorm.

Details on the free ice cream from Postmates

Although it matters very little to dessert lovers which brand is being used in a free ice cream deal, we’re guessing you’re interested in the amount. First things first, the Postmates deal is for free ice cream from Haagen-Dazs, a quality choice. Second, and this is where it gets really exciting, they’re giving away entire pints — not just a single scoop.

Whether you choose to share that free pint with your friends, or enjoy it solo in front of the TV with the AC on full blast after a long day of entertaining guests is up to you.

How do you get free ice cream from Postmates?

So how do you get in on this delicious deal? You’ll need to place an order from 7-Eleven on Postmates at some point over the weekend. Add anything you want from the convenience store to your cart, but make sure to also add the ice cream, which is an option right at the top of the store’s Postmates page. On your desktop, that looks like the image below:

free ice cream haagen dazs postmates

But you should know that you don’t need to order anything else. You can simply cash in on the free ice cream and pay a flat $1.99 delivery fee. Place your order and wait patiently for your pint to arrive. It’s as easy as that. Maybe freeze a spoon to have it at the ready when your dessert gets there — trust us, it’s worth trying.

You can only get one free pint per customer, and the deal runs through Monday, May 28 at midnight. The free ice cream is only available while supplies last, though, so maybe order tomorrow instead of waiting until Monday.

free ice cream haagen dazs

There’s only one catch: You don’t get to choose the flavor of your free ice cream pint. You can’t really go wrong with Haagen-Dazs, but you could end up with Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla or Coffee. But hey, free ice cream is free and ice cream, so do you really have a problem with that?


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