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Here’s how to know who’s blocked you on Twitter

It’s finally official: A judge ruled today that President Trump can’t block people on Twitter. But maybe the news has you thinking not about Trump Twitter posts (which also made today’s news because staffers are writing them) but an old concern: who’s blocked me on Twitter?

It’s a reasonable concern. Maybe you’re worried that frenemy finally flip-flop for the last time and has tried to erase you from all of their social media accounts. Even worse that they might be posting about you and blocking you from seeing it. Perhaps you accidentally deep liked an ex’s tweet and you’re worried they’re putting the kibosh on you keeping up with what they’re doing. We don’t judge; we’re just here to help you figure it out.

So, who’s blocked me on Twitter?

Before you scream, “I just want to know who’s blocked me on Twitter” at your screen, let us be clear: if you’re looking for how to see who blocked you on Twitter in a tidy list, there’s currently no option for that. Then again, you don’t really need a comprehensive list, do you? You have your suspicions about who’s hit that block button, and there is a way to check on whether a specific person has pulled that passive-aggressive social media move.

Here’s how to check who has blocked you on Twitter: Go to the profile of the person who you suspect of giving you the tech version of the cold shoulder. If that person has indeed blocked you, you’ll see an alert right where their tweet feed should be that looks like this:

who's blocked me on twitter

The good news is that if their profile is public, you’ll still be able to see tweets mentioning you even if you’re blocked. Of course that does require that they’ve tagged your Twitter handle. So if the mean girl of your group goes rogue and starts bashing you on social media, you’ll be able to find it — and, even better, you’ll be able to report them.

You also have the ability to block people who have already blocked you — you know, just in case they ever decide to unblock you and you’d prefer they don’t get to peruse your tweets. But if they do unblock you and start to follow your feed again, just keep in mind you hold the trump card: You can mute them, and currently there’s no way for someone to know they’re muted. Let them shout into the social void while you carry on with your life. It really is the best revenge.