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Here’s what Georgina Chapman will get out of her prenup

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Georgina Chapman is about to be really, really rich. I’m talking richer than she already is, which is already very, obscenely rich.

The Marchesa designer announced in October that she was leaving husband Harvey Weinstein after a slew of sexual harassment and assault allegations came out. Now, according to the terms of the former couple’s prenuptial agreement, she may receive as much as $12 million a year.

According to TMZ, the former couple’s 10th wedding anniversary was on Friday. And their prenup states that Chapman was supposed to receive $300,000 annually in spousal support for each year of marriage. But after the 10-year-mark, that amount jumps up to $40,000 for each year of marriage.

She will also reportedly get a lump sum payment of $4.75 million for her share of marital assets, and $3 million for a housing allowance. All in all? About 11.75 million.

The catch? The prenup is basically a gag order — both parties must agree not to publish diaries, letters or photographs, and can’t talk about the relationship in interviews. Yep, sounds like Weinstein’s M.O.

Also, Weinstein is reportedly worth $250 million, and Chapman is worth about $20 million. So $11.75 million a year? Well that’s basically pennies for Weinstein. 

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