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Here’s when you can enjoy each flavor at City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival 2018

If you love delicious winter beverages, you know City Bakery hot chocolate what to get when you catch a craving for a warm chocolate drink.

The City Bakery is about to kick-off its 26th annual hot chocolate festival beginning February 1.

That’s right, for the entire month of February, you’ll be able to enjoy one of their delicious hot chocolate drinks each day.

For many hot chocolate lovers in the city, the City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival has become an annual tradition.

This year, you’ll be able to enjoy just about every kind of hot chocolate you can imagine, ranging from bourbon to lemon to coconut rum hot chocolate. There are also special City Bakery hot chocolate drinks to enjoy including the “Sunken Treasure” hot chocolate drink, which is made with melted chocolate truffles and gold caramel coins. If you have a hankering for something extra sweet, then that might be the drink for you, although it was a bit too sweet for one blogger who sampled it last year.

For those with looking for something more basic but still has the same City Bakery hot chocolate flair, you may want to opt for the milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or caramel hot chocolate to suit your hot cocoa cravings.

Check out the schedule for City Bakery’s 26th annual hot chocolate festival and get ready to be wowed by some of the best hot chocolate in NYC.  Drop by one of their five New York City locations and be prepared for 28 days of City Bakery hot chocolate. And if you’re into showing off your perfectly-crafted, hot chocolate, be sure to snap a tag City Bakery on Instagram and they might feature your photo. 

City Bakery hot chocolate festival schedule

City Bakery hot chocolate festival 2018


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