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High fuel prices remain a Victoria Day staple

Nova Scotians hitting the road this long weekend faced the highest gas prices they’ve seen all year, and they’re pointing their fingers in many different directions.

“I find it terribly convenient that it starts peaking out at the long weekend. A little too convenient,” said Darren Cole, who paid 99.3 cents-per-litre at the Esso on the corner of Robie and Yonge streets.

“I think the gas companies all think we’re idiots,” he said.

Other drivers blamed the province’s high cost of living, the economic recession and the increase of travel in the warmer months. Some treated the jump in gas prices as simply part of the Victoria Day weekend, like fireworks or barbecues.

“It seems to be pretty consistent that it does that, but it’s done that for years anyway, even before it was up around a dollar a litre,” said Colin Murchison, referring to the unusually high gas costs of 2008. Prices peaked at $1.43 a litre last September.

“That’s life I guess…I still have to put gas in my car.”

This fact of life won’t be changing anytime soon, but some Nova Scotians are looking for ways to save money by cutting back on their time behind the wheel, such as taking the bus or walking as much as possible.

For Tara Smith, who is looking to buy a car, the rising gas prices have made her consider getting a bus pass instead.

“I couldn’t imagine losing my job tomorrow and having a vehicle,” said Smith.

According to a Service Nova Scotia website, the price of regular unleaded gas in the HRM was 69.6 cents-per-litre at the beginning of the year. At the start of May, a litre of gas cost 90.7 cents, and has since climbed almost nine cents.

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