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High hopes for pot bears

An online global campaign and a $1,300 donation by actor Jason Priestley will do little to influence the fate of more than 10 black bears found at a million-dollar grow-op, the province’s environment minister said.

But that doesn’t mean the animals will be put down, Barry Penner added.

“The petition raises public awareness but I would like to think our officers are acting within the Ministry’s policies. They have to apply their own professional judgement.”

When a Calgary woman, Doreen McKrindle, launched the Facebook group Help Save the B.C. Black Bears, hundreds of responders said they should be relocated.

A petition to keep the bears alive also reached its goal of 2,500 signatures yesterday.

Penner said people are misinformed about the steps it takes to relocate a bear.

“Relocating bears doesn’t play out like a Disney movie. You have to look at the condition of the bear, how old it is, and the location you’re releasing it to.

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