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‘High Maintenance’ weed dealer wants to rent your apartment


Looking for some extra cash? The show “High Maintenance,” about a Brooklyn weed dealer who sells to clients with neurosis, is scouting out locations for its second season, making your dream to brag, “My apartment was chosen to be on a show on HBO,” a reality.

Brian Morgan, a location scout and assistant location manager for the show, told Metro the scouting is “super preliminary,” but would like to put together a database to choose from as episode scripts are ready.

You can call Morgan at 914-224-3747 to offer your pad, but Morgan said the process will include making sure your landlord and building manager is on board and allowing him to snap some reference photos.

And just like all those other locations seen in scripted TV, you will be paid. How much? It depends, Morgan said.

But what a sweet story to tell your visitors, right? You could be inviting your next guest into — not just an apartment —but a piece of television history.

How’s that for a killer ice breaker on OKCupid?

You can even watch a few free episodeshere.

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