Hike in university tuition unlikely: Minister – Metro US

Hike in university tuition unlikely: Minister

“Not going to happen.”

Unless it’s proven a mistake was made in the 2004 tuition-grant structure, the University of Calgary and other post-secondary institutions will not get government approval to raise tuition, Advanced Education Minister Doug Horner told Metro.

“We haven’t seen the proposals yet but we need to see if a mistake was made, and if not, well, it’s simply not going to cut it,” Horner said, adding if universities want an increase for the fall semester they need to make their arguments soon.

“I think if they get the proposals in, we can have a decision by the end of February or into March. But they need to make their case.”

Horner added it’s important for the province to maintain post-secondary affordability, which he said is more than just tuition costs.

“We have done a lot of things in the past years to maintain affordability and I think post-secondary students see that,” Horner said.

His comments come on the heels of U of C’s recently announced market modifier that could effectively force tuition hikes of up to 46 per cent for programs like law, medicine, engineering and business.