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Hitler or glitter? Online shop receives backlash over design of tote bag

Credit: Twitter

Arizona-based online boutique Belle Chic recently advertised their glitter tote bag with a simple and playful message that reads “my favorite color is glitter.” But because of the font used, it was mistaken to read something completely different.

People began to point out the fun message on the glitter tote bag looks more like “my favorite color is Hitler.”

If you take a look at the original design, the lowercase “g” and “l” appear to look like a capital “H” when the two letters are put close together. And at a quick glance, the second “t” could be mistaken for an “l.”

Twitter user @hurlarious was quick to spot the flub and post it. The tweet has been retweeted over 44,000 times and has over 130,000 likes since it was posted just two days ago. 


Shortly after the original tweet, people began to chime in with their own jokes and puns about the tote bag’s questionable letter spacing.


The online shop issued an apology on Twitter, saying they were “beyond embarrassed” about the design of the tote bag and posting a photo of a revision of the original design.


In the revised version, the word “glitter” is easier to recognize. At least one creative Twitter user decided to take advantage of the situation.


There was at least one person who could not figure out why everyone was up in arms over the bag because they saw “glitter” from the very start.


Whatever happened during the initial design process of the tote bag caused a lot of hoopla on Twitter. If one were to take a cynical route, you could think it was all part of the plan to get a simple black tote bag a lot of recognition.


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