Holland Tunnel trio with gun arsenal was on ‘rescue mission’ to Brooklyn – Metro US

Holland Tunnel trio with gun arsenal was on ‘rescue mission’ to Brooklyn

Three people arrested on Tuesday when authorities found a cache of weapons inside their truck at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel were allegedly on a journey to “rescue” a teenage girl in Brooklyn.

The trio, consisting of John Cramsey, 50, Dean Smith, 53, and Kimberly Arendt, 29, all of Pennsylvania, will be due in court on Wednesday to face charges of illegal possession of guns and ammunition, Fox5 reported.

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Initially pulled over around 8 a.m. on Tuesday for a cracked windshield as they approached the Holland Tunnel in New Jersey, authorities later uncovered a trove of guns along with marijuana and drug paraphernalia,NBC4stated. The vehicle they were in, a colorful pick-up with images of the U.S. Constitution, was emblazoned in several spots with “Higher Ground Tactical,” a Pennsylvania gun range reportedly owned by Cramsey.

“Upon approaching the motor vehicle, [an] officer observed in plain view a loaded pistol magazine,” Port Authority Police Superintendent Michael Fedorko said toCBS2, which listed some of the weapons found inside the vehicle, including a pump action shotgun, an SAR-98 assault rifle, four 9mm pistols, one .45 caliber pistol, a bulletproof camouflage helmet, tactical goggles, night-vision goggles and body armor.

While en route to New York, the suspects posted photos online and claimed they were vigilantes who were going to “extricate” a girl being held by a drug dealer in a Brooklyn hotel room, police said to CBS2.

Authorities investigated that claim and assisted the girl in question before determining she was in good condition and was not being held against her will, CBS2 added.

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An ammo box seized by authorities in the trio’s truck had a sticker that read “shoot your local heroin dealer,” NBC4 stated, adding that Cramsey’s 20-year-old daughter died from a heroin overdose four months ago in Pennsylvania.