‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry connects with Robin Williams during reading with Margaret Cho

Tyler Henry

On the latest episode of “Hollywood Medium,” Tyler Henry meets two comedians at once. Well, sort of. During a reading with Margaret Cho, the spirit of Robin Williams comes through and things get emotional.

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Weeks before, Henry had vivid visions — feeling like he needed to meet Cho and deliver messages. When their reading finally happens, he tells her, “This is going to sound pretty ridiculous, but a couple weeks ago I was just hanging out. I heard Robin Williams come through.” Henry feels an undeniable mental connection between Williams and Cho.

It turns out that Cho viewed Williams as a mentor. She even performed at the same comedy club as a kid. “His death was hard for the entire comedy community,” she admits.

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As for Williams’ tragic passing, Henry says there’s no negativity and there was an impending health condition that he didn’t want to suffer from. “He knew more than we knew,” Henry says. In August 2014, Williams passed away from suicide at age 63.

Despite the devastating loss, Henry leaves Cho with an uplifting message: “He felt inspired by the people that he got to work with, and you’re one of those people.”After the reading, Cho deems it an authentic, healing experience. Even fans on Twitter got emotionally invested.

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