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Holy @$*#! Canucks cuss more than Americans

Canadians swear more than Britons and Americans, but only among friends.

According to an Angus Reid online survey of more than 4,000 adults from Canada, England and the U.S., a majority of Canadians (56 per cent) admitted to frequently or occasionally swearing when talking to friends.

Only half of Britons (51 per cent) and less than half of the Americans (46 per cent) admitted to the same behaviour.

However, swearing around friends is not a big deal, said Ottawa resident Ben Jokuty. “Almost everyone I know swears around their friends,” he said.

“Who doesn’t swear? Maybe not around strangers. But with friends, definitely.”

However, barely more than one-quarter of Britons (27 per cent), Canadians (27 per cent) and Americans (26 per cent) said they heard their friends swearing regularly.

According to the poll, Britons are more likely to hear foul language from strangers (35 per cent). Americans, at 21 per cent, are more likely to swear around their relatives.

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