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Homegrown films at CIFF

Homegrown talent will be showcased at this year’s Calgary International Film Festival closing gala.

CIFF announced the closing gala’s film as Alberta-filmed The Last Rites of Ransom Pride at the Globe Cinema, and officials couldn’t be more excited.

“Not since The Assassination of Jesse James have we had such a wonderful shoot ‘em up western showcased at the festival. We’re very excited about showing a film so entrenched in Alberta’s roots,” CIFF executive director Jacqueline Dupuis said at the announcement for the festival yesterday night.

“We’re committed to showcasing 10 days of the most innovative and acclaimed cinematic work on the planet.”

CIFF also just released a new ad campaign titled Only the Best Films Make It to reinforce the fact that the CIFF is all about the best of the best, Dupuis added.

“The goal is to show it’s all about providing quality cinema.”

Director of programming Trevor Smith agrees the new ad campaign is set to make an impact.

“Without a doubt, the ad campaign is a major win for the CIFF,” he said.

But Smith also believes the 11th annual CIFF is one of the best festivals yet.

“We’re so excited to bring a selection like this to Calgary,” he said.

“We have innovators who push the envelope and don’t take the easy way to producing films.

They take risks and push boundaries.”

Movie may benefit from media

Programming director Trevor Smith expects more people to attend the film Dirty Oil because of the media coverage the Alberta-funded yet anti-oil movie produced. “I wouldn’t say it’s controversial, but it certainly has people talking.”

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