Homicides and fatal shooting decreased in Boston in 2019 – Metro US

Homicides and fatal shooting decreased in Boston in 2019

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Homicides across Boston declined in 2019 versus the previous year; there was also a downward trend in other violent crimes, according to statistics released by officials.

The stats show that there were 38 homicides in 2019, as opposed to 56 in 2018. One of the murders was a reclassification of a crime from “previous years” as a homicide, according to Boston.com. It is being reported that the 2019 homicide rates tie with 2015, making it one of the lowest years for homicides of the decade. 

The number of fatal shootings since 2018, decreased by 19 percent. The total numbers of fatal shootings in the Boston metropolitan area was 29, whereas the 2018 total was 48. 

Police Commissioner William Gross spoke to The Boston Globe and attributed the decrease in homicides to strong partnerships between first responders, police, city residents and a push from Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s office.

The push focused on public health officials raising awareness of trauma and mental health services for residents. They also added additional academic, athletic, and arts programs for young Bostonians. 

In addition to raising awareness, Gross told outlets that authorities took more than 700 guns off the streets in 2019. In regard to firearms, the stats show an increase in firearm-related arrests. 2019 had 504 arrests, while 2018 had 460 arrests. 

The firearm arrest data does include default warrants for past firearm charges, arrests for assault by means of a firearm ⁠—both with gun recovery and no gun recovery.  

“There is a true buy-in with community policing,” he said to the Globe.

He added, “We really do look to the community as our true partners.”

Gross also told The Globe that residents have shown a willingness to call 911 without hesitation and also cooperate with police during the aftermath of violent crime.