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‘Honor banners’ unveiled at Boston Marathon bombing sites

boston marathon bombing banners honor banner Boylston Street Marathon Sports manager Shane O’Hara and four time Boston Marathon champion Bill Rodgers unveiled special “honor banners” that will hang at the bombing sites.
Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

In a tribute to all of the people affected by last year’s Boston Marathon bombings, a set of specially designed “honor banners” were unveiled Thursday morning at the sites of the blasts.

Typically, hundreds of banners decorate the city in the month leading up to the Boston Marathon, all with the same or similar designs. But for this year’s marathon, in front of Marathon Sports and Forum restaurant on Boylston Street, the “honor banners” will mark the sites where the bombs were placed and where countless people came to the aid of those injured.

Helping to unveil the special design wereBoylston Street Marathon Sports manager Shane O’Hara and four-time Boston Marathon champion Bill Rodgers. Mayor Marty Walsh also attended the ceremony.

“The Boston Marathon street banners mark the kick-off of a world-class event the city of Boston is so proud to host,” Walsh said in a news release. “This year, we have the opportunity to reflect and draw inspiration from the strength and courage of all those affected by last year’s tragedy – by the heroics of our first responders and caregivers and by the countless acts of selflessness throughout our community.”

Additionally, lead Marathon sponsor John Hancock is offering “honor bracelets” made from the banners that were hung on the streets of Boston during last year’s marathon. Each of the 36,000 runners in this year’s marathon will get one and a limited number are available to purchase. All proceeds go to the One Fund Boston.

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