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‘Hotties on the T’: New Hub sites are for voyeurs, exhibitionists

Whether you enjoy taking photos of others, or yourself, new sites featuring Bostonians are popping up all over the place and people are taking part.

The latest? “Hotties on the T.”

Unlike “Boston T Crush,” which launched earlier this month, the site said it’s about the “admiration of fine looking men on the T from a male perspective.”

Whereas “Boston T Crush” aims at connecting those missed moments between two attractive Hub-goers riding transit, “Hotties” admits they are just ogling gentleman on the underground.

“It boils down to this —everyone of these platforms, even the real big ones [like Facebook] — it’s all about exhibitionism and voyeurism,” said social media expert and Emerson College professor David Gerzof Richard.

Richard said for some, Facebook and Twitter act as “gateway drugs to social media,” which can lead to more risque social sites, like “Boston After Dark,” a place where people post explicit nude photos for curious night creatures looking to connect.

“Boston After Dark,” a Tumblr blog, has a more exhibitionist goal, describing itself as a space “exclusively for men and women in and around Boston who are feeling ‘that way’ after dark.”

“It’s like when a foodie tries a new restaurant they heard about,” said Richard. “The social media-types look for new platforms and try them out.”

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