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How an app can help NYC first responders save lives

How an app can help NYC first responders save lives
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Phil Scarfi, a former FDNY EMT, now an FDNY firefighter, was looking for a way to make life just a little less stressful for his fellow New York City first responders, who are constantly under the gun to transport people to the city’s more than 60 hospitals.

So he created an app, called Mobile MDT, that shows local first responders where the nearest hospitals are located based on their location. 

Metro spoke with Scarfi about what inspired the app, which is supported by Pioneer Mobile applications. He said, “While I was an EMT in Queens and Brooklyn, our unit, like many others, would get pulled to all five boroughs. We would be responding to areas we were unfamiliar with, and when it came to transporting patients, we were unsure about where the closest hospitals are that would best suit the needs of our patients.” 

Not only does the app assist with location services, but it also shows first responders estimated time of arrival, traffic conditions, distances, and it also navigates directions to the hospital. 

Mobile MDT app interface

Mobile MDT app

Scarfi told Metro, “Luckily because of the Mobile MDT app, I could open the app and within seconds decide which hospital is best to go to, get the ETA, and even directions right from the app. Along with this, I could quickly reference protocols, phone numbers, and other information that would be needed on a daily basis.”

Additionally, he added, “When it came to critical patients who needed immediate treatment and transport to the hospital, the Mobile MDT app shines its most since I don’t have to worry about waiting time searching for information I need right away.” 

Download Mobile MDT

Mobile MDT is available for first responders on both iOS in the App Store and for Android at Google Play.


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