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How cheesy music can lead to great sex

It appears that when it comes to wooing and romance, music can be used as form of brainwashing. The songs you choose are just a subtle way to suggest and initiate sex.

Music psychologist Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen, from Goldsmiths, University of London, discovered that music was a key element of the seduction game and consequently, how successful you are in the bedroom. The playlist you listen to in the moments leading to and during sex is crucial. A staggering 40 percent of people admitted that the music they listened to during sex was more arousing than the touch or feel of their partner.


Although both sexes favored songs that were happy and tender, men tend to make more of an effort to adjust to the taste of their date in order to ensure success in the bedroom. This could explain why the soundtrack from the iconic ’80s romantic movie, “Dirty Dancing,” was voted as best for sex. This is because it’s not just the music that’s important, but what it is that we associate the songs.

Dr. Müllensiefen observed: “Music activates emotional pleasure centers in the brain—the same areas that are activated when we have sex or take drugs. If you have a sound track to a film that as a whole is associated with romance, flirt and sex that might work for the entire sexual episode. Listening to the soundtrack unconsciously re-ignites the feelings we experienced whilst watching the film.”

“So just put the CD in and let it play,” he adds. “The passionate emotions we feel when we see the love scenes in a film get encoded together with the music, almost like a conditioned experience.”

The vocals

But it’s not just what we associate the song with that’s important in the bedroom- individual vocals are too: “People have a sort of emotional intelligence with music,” explains Dr. Müllensiefen. “When it comes to getting in the mood for sex, people tend to go for relaxed songs with little use of vocal vibrato and with a greater dynamic range, a high chest voice, a raspiness in the voice, such as Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ (the number one track to get in the mood for sex) and Barry White’s ‘Anything’ (third best),” says Dr. Müllensiefen.

So fire up that Spotify playlist, doc. Let’s get it on.

A good rhythm and hot body

Although Dr. Müllensiefen’s study found music to be more important than physique in the bedroom, never don’t dismiss the motivational power a song when it comes to exercise, fitness guru and Madonna’s personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer tells Metro: “Music is a way for the mind to escape,” she says. “When people are out dancing with their friends, they’re so enthusiastic. But when they get to the gym it’s the complete opposite, and it shouldn’t be like that. You’re working out for your body and you should always dedicate the same amount of energy.

“Without music,” she adds, “you’ll need to find your internal motivation from moving, but most people don’t have the power to do that. It can also help you dig out emotions such as anger, frustration or anxiety.”

Once you tune your mind to the beat, your body will follow says Winhoffer: “Fast music with a heavy base and a repetitive rhythm helps the body flow and go along with the beat. If you’re doing cardio and want to get your heart rate going, choose a song- preferably electro, techno, hip hop or RnB- that’s between 125-130 bpm (beats per minute).”


Top 10 tracks for the Gym (128-140bpm)

1.Rihanna: Umbrella

2.Push It: Salt n Peppa

3.Kylie Minogue: Red Blooded Woman

4.Britney Spears: Womanizer

5.PSY: Gangnam Style

6.Kanye West & Jay-Z: H.A.M.

7.Mariah Carey: We Belong Together

8.Madonna: Turn Up The Radio

9.Missy Elliot: Work it

10.The Police: Roxanne

SOURCE: Personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer

Top 10 tracks to get ‘in the mood’ for sex

1. Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing

2. Marvin Gaye: Let’s Get It On

3. Barry White: Anything

4. Serge Gainsbourg: Je T’aime

5. Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire

6. Hot Chocolate: You Sexy Thing

7. Ravel: Bolero

8. Boyz To Men: I’ll Make Love To You

9. Chris De Burgh: Lady in Red

10. R Kelly: Bump & Grind


Top 10 tracks to play during sex

1. Dirty Dancing: Anything from the soundtrack

2. Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing

3. Ravel: Bolero

4. Berlin: Take My Breath Away

5. Barry White: Anything from his collection

6. Marvin Gaye: Let’s Get It On

7. Righteous Brothers: Unchained Melody

8. Celine Dion: Titanic Soundtrack / My Heart Will Go On

9. Serge Gainsbourg: Je T`aime

10. Whitney Houston: I Will Always Love you


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