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How to order wine

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Greg Majors, above, is the beverage director at Craft restaurant. We asked him to give us some tips on how to choose the perfect bottle for you.

When ordering wine, it’s important to specify the following:

The weight of the wine (light, medium, full bodies)

  • “Light wines like sauvignon blancs and rieslings pair well with a variety of first courses like salads and crudo.”
  • “Fuller whites like rousanne and oaked chardonnay do well with denser, meaty fish — especially if there is a sauce — and roasted chicken.”
  • “Light reds like pinot noir and cabernet franc do well with game birds and grilled fish.”
  • “Medium and fuller reds like malbec, grenache and nebbiolo do well with braised meats, stews and roasted meats that have some marbling or fat.”

Flavors for your wine

Wines have different acidity levels, oak flavors, minerality, tannins and fruit notes.

Country of origin

Why does this matter? “Country of origin helps me understand what direction to take them in,” Majors says. “If someone wants a riesling from Austria as opposed to Germany, then chances are the person prefers something dry. If someone prefers French pinot over domestic, then I would assume they like their pinots without as much ripe fruit common in California.

Price point

Pretty self-explanatory, if you ask us!

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