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How to shape up and wow the crowd at your wedding

“Your wedding is your big day, your moment to shine in front of your friends and family, you’ll want to look your best,” explains Gunnar Peterson, personal trainer to celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz.

Everything becomes magnified on your wedding day. Emotions become more intense and every bulge is meticulously captured on high-def camera.

“The quality of film is so good that every little imperfection is visible, from a wrinkle to a blemish. The bride and groom can feel self-conscious.”

If you’re comfortable in your own skin, turn the page. But if you need a little change, read on.

Getting ready for the big day
Most people make time before their wedding to get into better shape.

“People work well to a deadline, so a set date is the first step,” says Peterson, who also believes that working towards a goal makes things more achievable. “Once you know you have six months to lose say ten or so kilos, you can devise a plan of action.”

If you want quick results, make changes to your fitness regime and integrate exercise into your day-to-day immediately. According to Petersen, you could even jump the gun.

“A guy should start working out before he proposes and a girl should start working out as soon as she thinks the guy is about to propose.”

Working it out
Treat your workout sessions as you would an appointment.

“Allow for an allocated time slot at a time of the day that you know works for you,” says Peterson.

Think about what kind of body shape you want. Wedding clothes are figure hugging, so aim to develop longer, leaner limbs. Peterson gets his clients to combine cardiovascular moves with light weights for the best results.

“You want to be efficient. Combine ‘big’ moves such as squats and lunges with running or aerobics and weights to tone up and burn calories,” says Peterson. “Make small changes, such as cutting out complex carbohydrates from your evening meal.”

The reward?

“Eat cake at your wedding,” says Peterson, “and have a glass of champagne to go with it.”

The honeymoon period
After the wedding, on your honeymoon, give in to indulgence, even if they are not the healthiest. You’ll never get a free pass like this again. Sleep in and allow yourself to drink moderate (moderate!) amounts of alcohol and don’t fret if you are not doing as much exercise as you did pre-wedding.

Don’t, however, keep up this laid back routine once you are back home or all your hard efforts would have gone to waste.

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