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How to smite down your doofus ex-boss

Who hasn’t dreamed of putting a curse on those who fired them? If you want revenge, author Dawn Rae Downton was kind (or evil) enough to share with us her “Flush-a-Bye” curse, which is used to ensure your ex-boss also becomes unemployed.

You need:


A picture of your boss. If you can’t get this, get a possession — like a paperclip from his or her desk.
A pint of flat beer

The curse:

Cut the picture into nine pieces. If you’re using a possession, break it into three bits. Overnight, soak the bits. In the morning, fish out the bits and flush them down the toilet with the beer. Say “Bye-bye boss, bye-bye-boss, bye-bye-boss.” Flush twice again, repeating the incantation each time.

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