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How to survive a breakup, according to ‘You’re the Worst’

You're the Worst Lindsay Kether Donahue

Last night, “You’re the Worst” kicked off its fourth season with the aftermath of Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen’s (Aya Cash) break up: Jimmy proposed to Gretchen and fled the scene at the end of the third season, and now, everyone is picking up the pieces. Or avoiding the pieces all together.

People have been taking notes from their favorite fictional characters since, forever. So today, we’re taking notes from the “You’re the Worst” gang — Jimmy, Gretchen, Lindsay (Kether Donahue) and Edgar (Desmin Borges). Because if those can four commit to anything, it’s being good at being the worst.

The two-part episode showed us all the ways to get over a breakup. Some bad, some horrible. And frankly, it’s inspirational. Here are 10 ways to get over a breakup, according to “You’re the Worst.”

1. Go off the grid.

Jimmy — sans phone, technology, or any way to be reached by the outside world — has spent the last three months hanging at a motor home retirement community. He borrows books from the library! He does handy work, somehow! It’s a great way for him to run away from his problems and be distracted by the absence of any people he knows or loves.

2. Develop severe agoraphobia.

Gretchen, meanwhile, hasn’t left Lindsay’s apartment in three months. It’s not healthy, but she doesn’t have to deal with anything, which is really cool!

3. Dabble in street drugs. Like crack, for instance.

Gretch also buys drugs — from the convenience of her window — from some homeless dude on the street. And not just any drugs: she buys crack. It’s pretty over the top.

4. Throw yourself into work.

Lindsay, meanwhile, has a new job, and with it a new glow. It’s actually impressive how effortlessly she’s bounced back from her divorce, even is she is waist-deep in Gretchen’s overwhelming, um, issues. (See usage of crack cocaine above.)

5. Buy plants! Lots of plants!

In the wake of Jimmy’s disappearance, Edgar redecorates Jimmy’s house and becomes a certified plant daddy. Sometimes, he really does seem like the most well-adjusted of them all. And that’s saying something.

6. Pass the time with a geriatric misanthrope.

Jimmy has befriended an old dude who communicates primarily through a series of growls and throwing pinecones. We should all be so lucky as to have a senior citizen friend that mostly ignores you when you’re down on your luck!

7. Get a friend with benefits.

Lindsay and Edgar channel their mutual frustration with Jimmy and Gretchen through having healthy, unattached sex with each other. It works like a charm!

8. Binge watch random shows.

As seen in the retirement community. It’s a great mindless way to stop from thinking on the issues at hand.

 9. Hook up with a very rich ex and steal his wine.

At her lowest, Gretchen seeks out her former flame, Ty. And he might be douchey, but he’s very rich and very into collecting a bunch of old wine — which Gretchen steals, obviously. It’s not quite a win-win, but it’s not crazy far off, either. 

10. When in doubt, drink copious amounts of alcohol.

As always, our antiheroes rely on one thing to get them through: cold, hard booze. Somehow, they’re never hungover, but they’re always at varying stages of drunkenness. It’s goals AF.

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