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HST’s legality disputed

Not only does the harmonized sales tax hurt low- and middle-income families in B.C., it’s also illegal, say anti-HST campaigners.

Former premier Bill Vander Zalm and anti-HST activist Chris Delaney claimed yesterday the levy violates the “no taxation without representation” precept of the Canadian constitution, since the tax faced no debate in B.C.’s legislature before its imposition.

“As long as the sun shines, you don’t have to fix your roof,” said Vander Zalm, who said he believes that once B.C. residents start to fork out for major HST-applicable services (like roof repairs), the real impact of the tax will become evident.

The announcement follows a legal challenge disputing the legitimacy of the anti-HST petition, launched last Tuesday by six B.C. business associations.

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