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Huckabee catches heat for 9/11 video

One-time presidential contender and now Fox TV personality Mike Huckabee is part of Learn Our History, a company which creates educational videos for schoolchildren about our nation’s history.

And one of their latest offerings is 9/11 and the War On Terror, which depicts a cartoon jetliner crashing into the two towers.

Huck’s charging $9.95 for the shipping and handling costs.

Retired FDNY fire chief Jim Riches, who lost his son, also a firefighter, in 9/11, said he is appalled Huckabee is making money off the video.

“The timing is right before 9/11, he’s trying to punctuate it. He’s going to get money out of this … some people have no shame at all,” retired NYC fire chief Jim Richards told MSNBC. He called the profits “blood money.”

He also thinks it’s teachers who should be explaining 9/11 to our kids — not politicians.

“It should be done by educators and child psychologists, not politicians,” Riches said.

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