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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed continue their desperate bid for relevancy

Nikki Reed Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are two C-list actors who are married and have a baby. The pair are both mostly famous for playing blood thirsty (for attention) vampires, in “Vampire Diaries” and those dang “Twilight” movies, respectively. Oh also, I was being nice when I said “C-list.”

Bereft of any professional opportunities, the two were guests on a pregnancy podcast, where Somerhalder made some kind of joke about throwing out Reed’s birth control pills after they discussed having children of their own. Reed said that’s basically how she realized they were going to do the whole reproduction thing.

And then, so expertly timed, there was the backlash. Once people started throwing around the words “coerce” and “not cool” and “I’m sorry, who?” Reed took it upon herself to get defensive AF.

“WOMEN’S RIGHTS MATTER,” she wrote on Twitter, screaming into the void. “Using a funny interview between married ppl & twisting it to perpetuate gossip is irresponsible.” Big words!

Then five seconds later (read, the next day) they posted a joint statement, because of course they did. “To anyone who has been affected by reproductive coercion, we are deeply sorry,” they wrote.

“However, if this somehow sheds light on a topic that definitely needs mainstream attention, then we are grateful for the unintended consequence,” they wrote. “It’s a shame that outlets chose this as their way into a very serious discussion, as we are certainly not qualified to be the faces of this topic,” the pair said. And yet.

So yeah! These two are still trying to be a “thing.”


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