If you’ve ever wanted to see someone kick a subway rat, today’s your lucky day – Metro US

If you’ve ever wanted to see someone kick a subway rat, today’s your lucky day

Watch someone kick one of NYC's subway rats

The subway is a magical place. Ok, I lied — but, much like the great outdoors, it’s a place where humans coexist with the wonderful creatures Mother Earth has to offer. Take, for instance, subway rats.

Just like us, they’re constantly on the go, scrambling to avoid the general population. And, unlike us, they’re smart enough to (hopefully) stay off overcrowded trains. They may not be the best commuting partners, but they’re arguably less of a nuisance than a lot of people you’ll meet below street level. 

Not all of these rodents can be the famous pizza rat — who, if you recall, has tried on multiple occasions to transport a slice four times his size across tracks or down station stairs.

We coexist with them whether we like it or not, and Gothamist reported last week that a New Yorker actually kicked one of these subway rats when it tried climbing up escalator stairs at Grand Central Terminal.

The rat was going in the wrong direction and was extremely close to commuters — but did he get what he deserved? 

Watch a New Yorker kick one of the city’s subway rats (hard)

In this video, the rat struggles to climb up an escalator that’s transporting New Yorkers down to the Grand Central Terminal subway.

Watch a number of people pass by — some unsettled, others unfazed — before one brave soul kicks the rat.

Not only did the rodent survive, but he headed for some sweets afterwards.

“After it was kicked it scurried toward the Magnolia Bakery line and people didn’t even notice,” Andrew Chen, who caught this on video, said. 

Gothamist states that kicking subway rats is unkind. Apparently, though, it’s not so uncommon:

Whatever your stance on the matter, the moral of the story is this: when life kicks you around, there’s always room for cupcakes.