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Iggy fights back

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has taken to the airwaves — on YouTube — to blast the Conservatives for their latest wave of attack ads.

His brief address, running less than two minutes on YouTube, comes a day after a Conservative MP in British Columbia, Cathy McLeod, was quoted in a Kamloops paper speaking out against her party’s negative ads.

“Unfortunately, it seems the tactics have success or otherwise they wouldn’t do this — but again, do I like it? No,” McLeod told Kamloops This Week. “I’m responsible for how I conduct myself and I haven’t been able to change the world.”

The Conservatives last week unveiled six ads questioning Ignatieff’s commitment to Canada because of the decades he spent working abroad — arguing that he’s “just visiting.”

In the YouTube video that started cropping up on Internet sites yesterday, Ignatieff describes the ads as “spite and spin” and says that by attacking him for living out of the country, the Conservatives have also attacked other Canadians who were born or lived abroad.

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