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IMAX and Spin for as little as $2


Come January, we will all be looking for fitness motivation. But we’ll also be transitioning from vacation, do-nothing mode, andtightening our belts after we’ve all spent way too much on travel, presents and good times. Good news: here’s a workout that won’t cost you too much and will entertain you throughout.

Dumbo’s IMAXShift indoor cycling gym — offering a SoulCycle-style workout set to a backdrop of IMAX theater — has a “Pay the Day” promotion for the month of January, with class fees costing the same as the day of the month, from $2 on Jan. 2, to $31 on Jan. 31.

The incremental price increase gives you incentive to get started on your 2017 fitness goals earlier in the month; although, with a single ride at IMAXShift normally running you $34, you’re saving money any day of the month that you book.

Think of it as a bike-in movie: Pedal while watching music videos, “flying” though the solar system or roaming the streets of Japan. You can even trick yourself into believing you’re still on vacation, with the bonus of knowing you’ll definitely be burning more calories (err, unless you hiked the Pacific Crest Trail on your Christmas break or something).

If you go:

127 Plymouth St.

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