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In Pictures: 5 steps for DIY zombie make-up

Do you want to look like you just stepped-off the set of Night of the Living Dead this Halloween?

Achieving a gory zombie look – complete with sunken eyes and rotting flesh – may seem like a daunting task, especially if special effects make-up isn’t your forte.

Metro caught up with Toronto-based make-up artist Dorota Buczel for a simple five-step guide to help zombify your look.

Tools: liquid latex, tissue paper or cotton balls, multi-colour make-up kit (white, black, green, black), blood, white powder or baby powder, tooth stain, charcoal powder, brushes and sponge.

Step 1: Apply liquid latex over clean skin to create the effect of peeling skin and wounds. For a more dramatic effect, you can mix cotton or pieces of tissue paper with latex. Once the latex dries, start peeling the edges to get the desired effect.

Step 2: With a make-up sponge, add a grey or greenish crème make-up base to the entire face, neck and any other exposed skin. All areas of flesh must be covered in makeup, pay close attention to the jawline, hairline and hands.

Step 3: Use the black or dark grey colour from the multi-colour make-up kit and apply shadows with a sponge or brush around the eyes and cheekbones to achieve a sunken-in look.

Step 4: Add blood for desired effect and apply tooth stain.

Step 5: To create wrinkles and creases, squint and pucker up your lips while you apply white powder around your eyes and lips with a sponge.

All dead –Er — done!

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