In praise of the f—kbois of ‘Jane the Virgin’

Even after four seasons — and the loss of the titular character’s titular virginity — “Jane the Virgin” still manages to find fresh takes on love, loss and telenovelas. Friday night’s premiere was no different.

The start of the series’ fourth season gives us an appreciable dosing of Adam (Tyler Posey) Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) first love. It also gives us some will-they-won’t-they-okay-they-won’t-right with Jane and her baby’s father, Rafael (Justin Baldoni). And Jane follows the desire that lies deepest in her heart. She goes for a f—kboi.

Of course, this isn’t her first time at the rodeo. Jane’s decision is basically just pitting one f—kboi against another. Rafael is the OG of f—kbois as far as “Jane the Virgin” is concerned. And Adam — with his hot face, “I’m a real artist” vibes and history of commitment issues — is a similar species.

Here are all the ways in which Adam the f—kboi is a sparkling magical unicorn who also happens to be kind of the worst. And why that’s the best

1. He has his own narrator
Nobody will ever replace our beloved narrator. And while Adam’s isn’t as good, he totally would have his own background cheerleader excusing his “bad boy” ways — and those bad tattoos.

2. No seriously, the tattoos are so bad. 
The one where he’s turned his ex’s name “Heather” into “Heathen?” Frankly unacceptable — but very on brand, vegan f—kboi wise.

3. He loves astrology.
Because of course he does. And of course he’s living in his own telenovela, called “Adam the Virgo.” And of course he’s a Virgo!

4. The fearless way he wears those beanies in the flashbacks.
And he’s not at all ashamed. He wears those knitted slouchy hats — in very temperate Miami — with pride. It’s almost inspirational. Almost. 

5. Abuela and Xo don’t like him, at all.
The premiere does a lot of work establishing Adam as, ahem, a bad boy who loves astrology. He actually doesn’t seem that awful though — except for the thing where he broke up with 18-year-old Jane on what was supposed to be their wedding day.

…Until it turns out he did it because he got phone calls from Abuela and Xo telling him that he absolutely could not marry Jane, at least. What’s hotter than a guy that neither your mother or her mother approve of? Literally nothing!

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