In which Beyonce and Mariah Carey take a selfie... - Metro US

In which Beyonce and Mariah Carey take a selfie…

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When we imaginedwhat a day in the life of Rihanna might be like, it made one thing clear: sometimes our made-up stories about celebrities are better than the super normal, human things they do. Such is the case with Beyonce and Mariah Carey, who took a selfie together that was too fierce for the internet to handle.

What we know is that Beyonce attended Mimi’s Christmas concert in New York on Sunday evening. They support each other’s artistry and Beyonce is actually known to Mariah, unlike J. Lo. But when two of the most iconic singers of our time take a selfie together, there has to be more to the story.

So here’s how Metro envisions the meeting went down. ~cue dream sequence music~

Beyonce wanted to keep things low key so she didn’t actually tell Mariah Carey she was coming. When Mariah arrived at her dressing room, via chaise lounge carried by shirtless men, and saw Beyonce there munching away at her capers, Mimi was annoyed but still happy to have someone of her own caliber to chat with.

They shared tips on the best means of storing all their awards, swapped code names to use when checking into hotels,and toasted to Mariah still being divorced from Nick Cannon. They took a selfie to commemorate the occasion because they respect each other somuch.

Mariah thanked Beyonce for dressing down on her special night. Beyonce wasn’t even offended, she understood. Diva friends are the best.

I love you @beyonce thank you sooooo much for coming out tonight! ❤️?????#merrychristmas

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