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Inmate claims rare Rikers escape was unplanned

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(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Authorities were shocked when a man escaped from Rikers last month, but what may be more shocking is that it was simply a spontaneous idea.

Naquan Hill, 24, made an incredibly rare jailbreak last month, but he said Wednesday that it was unplanned. While speaking with the New York Daily News, he almost seemed to make light of his escape, stating, “When the time presents itself, take advantage of the moment—and [the] stupidity.”

However, Hill also implied he had been imagining the scenario for quite some time. “It was crazy,” he told the Daily News. “It was like I did it before — maybe because I’d done it in my head, in my dreams.”

It was also reported that the ongoing investigation into the incident will examine whether Hill had seriously planned the event, purposefully distracting an officer to get away.

The prison escape made headlines during the late hours of July 26th when Rikers Island was placed on total lockdown while authorities frantically searched for the missing inmate who had escaped during his recreational time when guards had become distracted. Hill was found early the following day, not having been able to get off the island.

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